Ladies and Gents: Your August PowerPack is Ready!

Membership does have its privileges and the monthly PowerPack is one of many you receive as an NCI member.

Hopefully, you took advantage of all the great tools from your July PowerPack, which included tools and training focused on energizing your team as you integrate testing and diagnostics into your company’s culture.

This month we focus on field measurement tips and tools.

PowerPack is a great NCI Membership benefit

Please Note: Some of the tools included in the PowerPack each month may not normally be accessible with your membership subscription package. However, you will be able to access these tools through this PowerPack portal during the current month.

We think you’ll find these materials very helpful as you continue to grow your High-Performance HVAC business.

The August 2021 Power Pack consists of the following:

  • System Temperature Measurement Basics (Online Training)
  • Enthalpy Chart (Download)
  • CoolMaxx™ Report and Procedure (Download)
  • Measuring Wet Bulb Temperature Tech Tip (Download).

Be sure to share the August PowerPack with your entire team.

Just go to to access it today.

If you have any questions or cannot access any of the tools in this program, please contact us at 800-633-7058.