New Online Live Airflow Testing and Diagnostics Course

This month, the 0620 Member Update, National Comfort Institute (NCI) announces their recently added a new Online Live version of their Airflow Testing and Diagnostics Course to their Distance Learning series.

Now you can get in on the ground floor and offer HVAC Performance Solutions that work with NCI’s simple Air Upgrade approach!

This live online course provides technical training on performing static pressure testing, correctly installing static pressure test ports, and measuring and interpreting static pressures.

Air Testing and Diagnostics is ideal for HVAC contracting firm owners, managers, and technicians. It is a two day program where attendees will learn how to:

  • Identify fan types and speeds
  • Locate and use fan tables to plot airflow
  • Diagnose and perform Air Upgrades on HVAC equipment AND duct systems.

This class can be taken by qualified HVAC professionals. The training also qualifies for NCI Residential Air-side Recertification.

So, stop guessing and start measuring! Learn how to add $2,000 to $3,000 to most residential installations at incredible 60 to 70% gross profit margins!

Go to to learn more. Or click to register for this training right now.

Important Note: To participate in NCI Online recertification classes, you must already be NCI certified. As a member, you qualify for a discount on this training, and you can apply NCI Bucks, or earn them.

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