If you own a traditional residential service and replacement HVAC company, the following questions, if answered honestly, will help you determine if your company is prepared for super lead generation this fall:

  • Is your business built around selling as many replacement “boxes” as you can every week?
  • Assuming you pay yourself a salary, rather than pulling your income out of “profits,” is your company’s net profit after ALL direct costs and expenses less than 10%?
  • Do you have less than 200 Maintenance Agreements per million dollars in total sales?
  • Is your primary lead generation method for replacement sales from advertising and internet?
  • Do system performance renovation revenues represent less than 5% of your total sales?

By answering yes to two or more of these questions, you are likely on track to get the same results you’ve been getting, especially
in the second bullet point. Our industry still tracks at less than 3% real net profit.

Let’s explore some highly-profitable, low-risk services you can add to your existing business:


The most obvious, and most common profit center adopted by successful HVAC companies is a large maintenance agreement base.

Imagine what that could do for your business! Your seasonal swings would be leveled significantly. You could capitalize on the economies of doing a high volume of maintenance, and the resulting repair work. Plus the leads for replacements would be HUGE!

Remember: building a solid agreement business takes a focused effort with good processes and a strong commitment.


Here is another low-investment, low-risk business you can add to your existing services: performance testing, system improvements, and duct renovations.

These two disciplines work really well together. Imagine how many fall leads you could generate if your team performs basic static
pressure and airflow testing on every home in a large maintenance customer base.

Remember: your best source of fall leads (or leads anytime) for high performance work are your existing customers, especially maintenance agreement customers.


Good training is critical to success, but the approach is simple. It starts with service techs who have the tools to measure static pressures, interpret airflow, and test combustion during every service and maintenance call.

These highly skilled techs have the training to ask customers the right comfort questions. When they find opportunities for improvement, which will be most of the time, these techs share the information with your customer in layman’s terms, then offer to bring in your comfort specialist to perform further testing.

When you can fix performance problems and right size a system with higher efficiency and better performing equipment, your customers will be more than satisfied. They will become raving fans and your best source for referrals!

The next step is to confirm the appointment and send in a trained salesperson with the right tools and knowledge to offer the right options to improve their HVAC system’s performance.

This approach will help you obtain more fall leads to insure a great fall season. What a great way to move you towards building a more profitable, sustainable, and valuable business for years to come.