Fieldpiece SC660 Wireless Clamp Meter

If you are looking for your next voltmeter, here’s the one I have used and prefer. It has features built into this compact multimeter that can help you collect additional data to diagnose and communicate performance issues. The SC660 can transmit its readings remotely to Bluetooth devices eliminating wires pinched in blower compartment doors. Clamp Meter has high accuracyThe meter also can calculate the operating wattage for your indoor and outdoor units on the meter or through the app. When paired with the Job Link app, the system wattage is used to estimate the units current operational SEER and EER to compare to the manufacturer’s ratings. Because the app allows remote viewing, it becomes a powerful tool to help customers see in real time the impact of poor performance and fan wattage. It shows them why more comprehensive system testing is necessary. If you are starting up new commercial equipment or working on a balancing project, this instrument has built-in phase rotation verification, which can be used to prevent damage from operating equipment in the wrong direction. Oh yeah — it has excellent accuracy as well. The SC660 has plenty of familiar functions such as K-type thermocouple temperature measurement, capacitance testing, and non-contact voltage sensing, displaying both a visible led and an audible tone when sensing high voltage. The SC660 accuracy and range meets the test instrument requirement for all NCI certifications as well as being NIST traceable. If interested in learning more about the Fieldpiece SC660 Wireless Clamp Meter go to

By Justin Bright, NCI Field Coach and Instructor