Your August PowerPack is Now Available

Last month’s NCI members-only PowerPack focused on helping you integrate testing and diagnostics into your company’s culture.

National Comfort Institute Member PowerPack

This month we focus on:

  • System Temperature Measurement Basics (Online Training)
  • Enthalpy Chart (Download)
  • CoolMaxx Report and Procedure (Download)
  • Tech Tip: Measuring Wet Bulb Temperature (Download).

Plus you can still access the video of the first Trailblazer Coaching session and sign up for the monthly sessions.

We think you’ll find these tools and training materials very helpful as you continue to grow your High-Performance HVAC business.

Be sure to share your PowerPack with your entire team!

If you have any questions, or if you are unable to access any of the tools in this program, please contact our Customer Care team at 800-633-7058.

Trailblazer Coaching Is A-Rockin!

Now in its third month, the Members-Only High-Performance Trailblazer Coaching 2019-2020 program is in full swing and is rocking the world with those members already participating.

Don’t take our word for it. Here are what several members say about their experience so far:

Mike Greany

‘I consider the Trailblazer Coaching program, as well as the entire NCI team, as my champions. They stay in touch with me between Trailblazer sessions to make sure I am successful and staying on the Performance Path. I love how these sessions reinforce what I learned at Summit as well as what I learn in NCI training.’Mike Greany, Service Manager, All Pro Plumbing Heating, Air & Electrical, Ontario, CA

John Fullen

‘Attending Summit and this Trailblazer Coaching has really shown me the importance of consistency and has been very helpful in keeping me and my company on the path.

‘Over a five-year period, Control Point’s atmosphere and attitude is so different than when we started. What I’ve learned and continue to learn is that by staying consistent and by explaining the ‘why’ to our team and our customers, we were able to change our culture and have become unstoppable.’John Fullen, Operations Manager, Control Point Mechanical, Shrewsbury, MA.

Trailblazer Coaching was designed to bring the concepts taught during NCI’s High-Performance HVAC Summit to you all year. For as little as $35 per month, you can participate not only in the upcoming sessions, but you can listen to the past sessions as well.

There will be 12 monthly High-Performance Trailblazer Coaching sessions. You can participate with fellow HVAC contractors from across the country and either learn or refresh all the concepts taught during the 2019 Summit event.

NCI’s David Holt and David Richardson are the coaches.

To register and participate, just go to today.
Seriously, don’t miss this tremendous member-only opportunity.

New Online Training

In our continuing mission to add to and improve the members-only training content available to members, NCI is pleased to announce two new courses:

  • Fundamentals of Fan Airflow ‘ Learn the three rules of airflow and the six steps of fan operation in a system, and more!
  • Balancing Hood Basics ‘ Learn the basic functions of balancing hoods as well as proper positioning and how to accurately measure grille and register airflow.

 National COmfort Institute Online UniversityThese two courses join our other inexpensive Online University training for your employees and target NCI-specific training. The University includes modules covering testing and measuring HVAC systems as well as best High-Performance business practices.

Now NCI’s Online University is more affordable than ever! Take advantage of our new more-competitive pricing on all online training – and as a member, you save even more!

Plus, Learning Excellence, Learning Excellence Premium, and High-Performance HVAC Alliance members have unlimited access to all online university courses for all their employees!

Check out all our online courses by going to