Fieldpiece SDMN6 Dual Port Manometer / Pressure Switch

HVAC Today New Products Fieldpiece ManometerFor Performance-Based #HVAC Contractors’, the SDMN6 dual-port manometer measures gas and static pressure. It accurately tests pressure switches by simulating a draft using an internal pump.

Furthermore, the SDMN6 tests the pressure switch to determine if it is working properly, or if it is starting to fail which can cause the furnace to run unsafely.

Plus, with the SDMN6 you can easily calibrate any adjustable pressure switch to manufacturers’ specification, so there’s no need to carry a large variety of pressure switches on your truck.

The SDMN6 comes with a four-pocket carrying case, static pressure probes, pressure tubes, quick connect leads, hoses and Y-splitter, as well as hoses with brass screw fittings.

For more information or to order, go to, or call 800-633-7058.

‘Sensi? Touch Wi-Fi? Thermostat

HVAC Today Products Emerson Sensi ThermostatsEmerson’s new Sensi Touch Wi-Fi Thermostat — along with an updated version of the classic Sensi? Wi-Fi? Thermostat’ is now compatible with the Apple HomeKit’ smart-home management platform.

Customers can use the new geo-fencing proximity detection feature for flexible scheduling options to achieve energy savings without compromising comfort. Other features include:

  • Smart alert — notifies customers of extreme temperature/humidity levels
  • The updated Sensi mobile app includes a new dashboard with individual thermostat cards
  • Both thermostats are also compatible with Amazon Alexa and Wink.

The products were introduced during the AHR Exposition in January and will be available in early summer.

For more information, go to or connect with Sensi thermostat on Facebook or Twitter.