“We’d take our classes out of the school and into the field. Every class did at least one system installation. Not in a lab, but on a job site,” says Jurek.

Throughout his career, he saw a need for attracting young techs and savvy contractor owners. The savvy part comes from owners recognizing that students of HVAC schools have made a financial commitment and investment to get educated and trained.

“These young people are greater assets than the person simply looking for work,” he says. “If we don’t address the need for quality technicians in our field, this issue becomes the Achilles heel of the industry.”

Preferred NCI Partner

Maybe it’s Jurek’s educational background. Perhaps it’s his career climb through various HVAC industry channels, but he says he and the team at Trinity want to help contractors become more educated and savvy businesspeople. The training provided by
National Comfort Institute was a draw. A big part of that was NCI’s Training Incentive Partnership Program (TIPP). If contractors buy warranty programs through TIPP, they earn credit – in NCI Bucks – toward more training and certification.

“This is very important to me, personally, and to Trinity overall,” Jurek says. “We not only want to support NCI through this preferred partner program, but we will fully support High-Performance HVAC contractors and become preferred partners with them as well.”

He explains that a solid, well-backed extended warranty program offered to contractors’ customers is a powerful sales tool. “It says that you, the contractor, are professional and that you completely back up your work.

“Trinity’s thought process is that we’re offering contractors a product that will help lock them into their end-user for the life of the agreement. It also enables them to build their relationship with the customer. If they don’t already have such a relationship, they will hopefully have a customer for life when the warranty expires.

“We also believe that NCI-trained and certified contractors seek to differentiate themselves as quality organizations with quality technicians. In that way, we are kindred spirits.”