Many of our readers and National Comfort Institute (NCI) students are familiar with our motto, ”If You Don’t Measure, You’re Just Guessing™.” This phrase that we’ve been using for more than 20 years truly defines NCI’s mission.

We recently developed a second phrase that dovetails nicely with the first one, “We Don’t Just Promise High Performance, We Prove It!™”

This simple sentiment summarizes what NCI, and the High-Performance Contractors we serve are all about.

Anyone can promise high performance and all its benefits, including a safer, healthier, more comfortable, and energy-efficient home. But without measuring and documenting, these are just empty promises with little or nothing to back them up.

Think for a minute about the difference between making a promise versus proving it. Many contractors have the best intentions to do a good job when they sell a retrofit installation. Unfortunately, most don’t realize that without testing the system, preferably before and after the work is done, they’re just guessing that it’s doing what it’s supposed to. They hope that since they did everything seemingly right, the HVAC system should work just fine. But they cannot prove it.

Then there’s reality. By using the proper instrumentation to verify that pressures, temperatures, and airflows throughout the system are where they should be, we usually get a rude awakening. Our “rules of thumb” and “gut feels” aren’t even close.

When we install high-end equipment, for example using inverter technology, the impact of incorrect pressures, temperatures, and airflow due to an inferior air distribution system is huge. The only way to know this is by measuring.

As you let the idea of proving versus just promising sink in, think about how this simple concept can fit into your marketing messaging. Also think about its impact on yours sales approach and, equally important, your company culture.

You have a unique opportunity to make disciples out of your employees. Do this by teaching them how you are different from your competitors.

Don’t underestimate the power of being on a mission and getting everyone buying into your vision. NCI has been on this mission for nearly three decades. We’ve attracted some of the brightest, most passionate people in the industry. We plan to attract many more to our team.

Think about how to integrate the concept of proving High-Performance into your business. Start with baby steps. The most difficult tasks are conquered one step at a time. When proven performance starts to work its way into your everyday thoughts and those of your employees, you will find it influences everything you do. This vision and ideal will drive innovation each and every day.

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