Sometimes it’s important to talk about the vital role the HVACR Industry plays in the success, productivity, and profitability of the U.S. economy and our society. There is no doubt that without our technology, products, and services, large swaths of the U.S. simply wouldn’t be as inhabitable as they are today.

Many industries wouldn’t even exist without HVACR systems. These systems wield influence for the pharmaceutical industry, food production and delivery, the medical industry, and others. HVAC even contributes greatly to the gross domestic product of the United States!

That is a lot of influence. The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines influence as having the power or capacity of causing an effect in indirect or intangible ways. They also define it as having authority, sway, even clout.

When you add in the High-Performance Contracting skill-set many of you are mastering or have mastered, the impact of your influence goes even further.

Influence Samples

For example, as a High-Performance HVAC contractor, you wield influence over the operation of your company. Such influence runs the gamut from the technical and business processes you build to support your team, to creating a culture that rewards your people and holds them accountable for completing measurements and testing on every job.

The other impact on your company is you become more data-driven when it comes to system design, diagnostics, and problem-solving.

In other words, you focus more on the overall system, not just the equipment. This approach puts the “V” back into HVAC. The fact is, ventilation may be the most important part of any HVAC system. Your focus on that enables you to find, what NCI’s David Richardson calls, “invisible defects” that competitors don’t even know exist.

Do It Right the First Time

Many members of the HVAC Industry overlook ventilation. They certainly misunderstand it. You wield your influence as a High-Performance contractor by addressing airflow issues first.

The impact on your customers is they actually receive the comfort and energy efficiency you promise them. And you can prove it via your “before and after” testing and airflow measurements.

Finally, as a group, High-Performance Contractors impact and influence the entire HVAC Industry. You demonstrate how testing and measuring provides HVAC service in the way it was always intended.

Back in the 1980s, there was a phrase that was kicked around in the quality circles of American Industry. It was called DIRTFT (pronounced as ‘dirt foot’). This stands for “Do It Right the First Time.” High-Performance Contracting enables you to do just that. It is a delivery method that provides provable results.

You Are The Influencer

When you consider all these factors, you can see how your career influences much more than just your company. And you should be able to see all the opportunities that are available to you.

According to statistics gathered by NCI, more than half the residential systems installed in the U.S. today operate well below their rated performance levels. In addition, the retrofit market continues to grow, especially now as we near the end of the global pandemic and demand for better Indoor Air Quality continues to rise.

By providing duct renovation services as a standard part of your company offering, you set yourself apart from nearly every other HVAC contractor out there. You have a unique sales proposition and have more influence than you even know.

As a High-Performance HVAC contractor, you are on a path to help influence change, even to evolve the overall industry as it exists today.