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IQAir- Air Visual Pro

Have you been looking for a way to initiate discussions with customers about indoor air quality (IAQ)? Do you wonder if there are better ways to demonstrate the additional benefits of duct renovations to customers? The IQAir Indoor Air Quality monitor can be an added tool for use in educating customers on how their HVAC system affects the air they breathe.

The Air Visual Pro checks IAQ when it monitors and displays readings of temperature, relative humidity, particle count at PM2.5, and CO2 (Carbon Monoxide) in ppm on its large color screen. The screen displays both current measurements as well as a bar graph of hourly measurements over 24 hours.

This IAQ monitor has a built-in rechargeable battery, however battery life is relatively short. I recommend plugging it into a 110-volt outlet for long-term monitoring.

IQAir also has an associated software app called Air Visual, which displays an indoor air quality score called ‘US AQI,’ CO2 concentration indoors, and relative humidity. You have an option to select a local outdoor weather station as a reference to compare with indoor air quality you are measuring.

This IAQ product is for Performance-Based Contractors concerned with testing in and testing out system performance so they can fine-tune their recommendations to customers. The Air Visual Pro provides a way to quantify the impact their renovations have on customer’s homes.

When we test in before and test out after repairs are made, we have data to show improvement. Remember, if you’re not measuring, your just guessing.

For more information or to purchase, go to ncilink.com/0520AVP.

– By Justin Bright, Field Coach and Instructor, National Comfort Institute