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A Look at NCI’s Online University

In this January 2021 review, I examine National Comfort Institute’s (NCI) Online University. This is a group of 30-minute or longer video classes provided to supplement the live, in-person classes that NCI taught pre-Covid. We use them as refresher courses for our trained technicians and as a perfect starter kit to help train new employees.

January 2021 Product Review on NCI's Online University

As soon as the university was available, we began weekly 45-minute sessions for our NCI-trained technicians that also included new employees. If you hire new experienced or non-experienced maintenance techs, this is an easy way to properly bring them up to speed.

Furthermore, if you have technicians who may be shy about asking for help, or you think they need additional training, this is an easy and inexpensive way to get them caught up.

NCI Online University also offers business and customer service training. The HVAC for Rookies class, for example, takes what can be a very complex business and breaks it down into manageable chunks of information. This offers the office staff an idea of the big picture of what HVAC companies do. These classes can be repeated as often as needed, unlike a live class.

Training is one of the ways we invest in our employees and is also an important part of our company’s culture. NCI has allowed us to pivot our training to continue to provide technical training to our employees without exposing them to a potentially unsafe environment this year. So turn over a new leaf and starting in January 2021, begin making use of this keen member benefit.

For more information or to sign up for any of NCI’s Online University classes, go to ncilink.com/OnlineU. You can also call 800-633-7058 and ask to speak to a Customer Care Specialist.

?’ By Greg Wallace, Progressive Heating, Air and Plumbing