Your Family’s Comfort Consumer Sales Brochure

This brochure was designed to be used as a roadmap for your residential customer to follow along with you on the sales call.

The ideal time to bring this out is during the initial interview, as it helps guide you through the interview process and gets the customer thinking about their real needs.

This process positions you in a very professional manner and initiates the type of customer education that is key to Performance-Based Selling.These brochures highlight the four steps a Performance-Based Contracting’ business takes to develop the best solutions to customer comfort issues:

  • Conversation About Customer Needs
  • The Process for Measuring the Home
  • What is System performance?
  • Rating System Efficiency
  • Review Recommendations
  • Doing the Work and Performance Measurements.

For more information on these brochures and how to order them, contact National Comfort Institute, Inc. Customer care at 800-633-7058.

Fieldpiece SDMN5 Dual Port Manometer

Do your salespeople show homeowners what their before and after static pressure reading are and explain what they mean in terms of their system efficiently delivering comfort? They should. And the Fieldpiece SDMN5 is perfect for doing just that.

This instrument is a portable, rugged, dual-port manometer designed especially for use in the field. It measures static pressure, as well as gas pressure and pressure differential. It includes a zero adjust button on the face of the meter, a rugged rubber boot, and a magnet on the back for hanging the meter during testing.

The SDMN5 evolved as a result of testing pressures in the field for 20 years.

Its range and resolution allow you to take static pressure measurements across a blower and get the pressure differential with the push of a button to check drafts.

Whether you’re holding the ergonomic standalone shape in your hand, or hang the SDMN5 on the unit with the magnetic hanger to fill out a work order, the SDMN5 makes field measurements easier and faster, with less fatigue than the other guys.

For more information, visit the NCI Product store at or call Customer Care at 800-633-7058.

Priority Cards

An NCI-exclusive, these handy cards are an efficient way to learn about your customers’ comfort concerns. Use these while having a conversation with a current or potential customer.

These bright and easy-to-understand cards will help you target key issues quickly. The issues are Comfort, Efficiency, Health, and Safety.

Each packet includes four priority cards and access to PDF instructions for how to use them.

Go to for more information or to order.


The New Flat Rate

This All-In-One pricing software is for HVAC, Plumbing, and Electrical service and installation contractors. Each trade contains over 300 menus to choose from, saving you time in the field.

It has pre-built menus, allowing customers to choose from options. No selling by the technician. In fact, you can offer five price options on every service call.

Track key performance indicators by tech, by customer, and produce daily tickets as well as weekly options reports. Works with most service and dispatch programs.

For more information or a demonstration, visit website or call 706-259-8892.