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This month’s download is an instructional sheet on Advanced Calibration Procedures for Fieldpiece SMAN 460 Refrigerant Gauges. This one-pager is for use in the field by service technicians who measure refrigerant in residential systems.

The page details what is necessary to conduct the calibration, and provides a check-listed calibration procedure. Images depict the face of the instrument and highlight exactly which settings are needed and how to set them.

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National Comfort Institute, Inc. Online UniversityFeatured this month is the?third module in our Customer Service Training Series: Critical Elements of Customer Service. Here you will learn about effective approaches to customer service as well as how your behavior affects the behavior of others. Also covered:

  • Demonstrating confidence as a problem solver
  • Dealing with difficult customers and situations
  • Choosing to provide superior customer service.

This course is intended for your customer service reps, service providers, and customer service supervisors.

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Rob Falke, President, National Comfort Institute (NCI)DO YOU KNOW YOUR HVAC FIELD TESTING ACCURACY?

There still exists some prejudice with regard to the accuracy HVAC field technicians can achieve when testing comfort systems in people’s homes. Rob Falke examines how he sees that changing, what decisions are being made by engineers, designers, vendors, and suppliers based on those changes, and how you fit into this brave new world.



Mike Weil, Director Communications, National Comfort Institute, Inc.MEASURE YOUR HVAC MARKETING MESSAGE

In the Performance-Based Contracting? Industry, if you don’t measure, you’re just guessing. Well, the same is true when it comes to marketing. In this blog post, Mike Weil explores how to measure this and why it’s important.



The Entrepreneurial Spirit Shines On

National Comfort Institute (NCI) customer Jim Patterson is the owner of Orchard Valley Heating and Cooling in Southampton, MA. His son, Brian, had an innovative product idea that led to their first manufactured product offering, the HVAC IV?. That idea eventually evolved into a new business called JB Solutions.

The company now has two products that it recently launched:

  • HVAC IV’, an automated biocide injection system for condensate drains.
  • Humidicycle’ system, a device that recycles the water that is typically wasted during flow-through humidifier operation, conserving 16 ounces per minute.

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