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In this issue we focus on a procedural checklist for using the Testo Smart Probe App. It is available in both the Apple and Google stores.

The check list provides you with 6 steps for syncing the app with the probe and an explanation of what the test screens are and what they are used for.

This one-page data sheet is a nice addition for techs who are new to using Testo Smart Probes as well as for the pros who just need a refresher. Go to

By registering for free on NCI’s website, access this download and many more.

Online University

Featured this month is the second module of National Comfort Institute Inc.’s System Performance Series: Measuring Static Pressures. In this course you will learn how field testing shows that most HVAC systems deliver only 57% of the rated equipment capacity.

Taking this course will help you find out how ‘Delivered Efficiency’ explains the ACTUAL efficiency of a system — not just the AFUE or SEER rating of the equipment. Learning how and where to take the static pressure reading is a big step in learning this.



Rob Falke, President, National Comfort Institute (NCI)Rooftop Curb Diagnostics and Solutions

Rooftop equipment curbs can contribute to the deterioration of commercial HVAC system efficiency by as much as 40%. In this blog, Rob Falke examines what you can do to quickly diagnose and solve any curb issues you encounter in the field. He highlights three of the top curb issues and details their solutions.

Read his blog here:


Does Your Business Operating system Need a Tune-Up?

NCI’s David Holt compares the operations of a contracting firm to a computer operating system. He says, ‘Just like a computer, your business needs a powerful operating system that ‘directs traffic.’ Your business operating system has four major modules: leadership, people, processes, and execution.’

Read his blog here:

There’s An App for That …

Mobile Smart Probe

This month we feature the Testo Smart Probe App which turns your mobile phone or tablet into a remote control and measurement device. The app works with the following Testo measurement instruments:

Pictured here are the four major screens in the Testo Smart Probe App.

  • 405i
  • 410i
  • 605i
  • 510i
  • 115i
  • 549i
  • 805i
  • 905i
  • testo 552
  • testo 770-3.

It works on both iOS and android mobile devices.

The app uses Bluetooth technology to share air conditioning and refrigeration measurement data, Airflow (register and grille), infrared temperature and mold indicators, and more. The app can create and send PDF reports (including photos of the measurement location) and can handle up to six probes at the same time.

This FREE app is available in both the Google and Apple Stores.