NCI August 2018 Tech Tip: Testo 805i Infrared Thermometer Setup InstructionsFREE Monthly Download

One of the great features of this website are the free technical downloads. This month’s download is a one-page checklist for those technicians who use the Testo 805i Infrared Thermometer during service and installation projects.

The sheet actually contains three checklists: one to do an overall setup for the 805i, one for setting up temperature (IR) readings, and one for setting up mold readings. This has been updated and is a great reference piece for your field service and installation technicians.

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?Online University

Featured this month is the National Comfort Institute’s (NCI) ABCs of Supervising Others — part of the NCI Online University Business management Training Series.

NationalComfort Institute, Inc. Online University: ABCs of SupervisingThis module is intended to help your leaders to better understand their roles and deal with the challenges of being a leader. This month’s course features how to adjust to becoming a supervisor, what skills you’ll need to develop, and the importance of developing relationships with your co-workers. You’ll also learn how to manage conflict and challenging situations.



Performance-Based Management: What’s Going On Around Here?

NCI Business Coach and Trainer David Holt shares 10 ways to feel more confident that your team is delivering the top quality, performance-based products and services. He shares how you can know what our team is really doing when not under direct supervision and how you can make sure they meet expectations consistently?

Read his blog at


Five CO issues to Look Out For This Summer

Even in the summer you need to remain vigilant for carbon monoxide (CO) issues. In his blog, NCI Curriculum Developer David Richardson examines five summer CO issues you should be aware of and what to do when you encounter them.

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There’s An App For That …

August 2018 Appp Focus High Performance HVAC TodayThis month we feature The DealerFirst mobile application. For those contracting companies that work on and install Goodman/Amana products, this tool gives quick, easy, on-the-go access to all their manufacturer support, including:

  • August 2018 Appp Focus High Performance HVAC Today

    Goodman/Amana Dealer First App Screens

    Warranty Express: Add, look-up, manage warranty claims

  • Match-up/ratings: Find the right product for the right job
  • Product/diagnostic information: Look-up the necessary parts for the system that needs repair
  • Documents and support: Easy access to product brochures, warranty certificates, IO manuals, and spec documents Unit Conversion: Calculate correct pressure temperature.

This is a FREE app available in both the Apple and Google App stores.