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This month’s Tech Tip is on how to create your own Template for Doing Rectangular Duct Traverses. Traverses are the most accurate means for measuring airflow in a duct system, but they can be very time consuming to perform. The reason: you have to determine where to drill test ports on the duct.

This template can actually cut 75% of your time because it has the drill locations pre-determined.

So do you want to save some time? Then go to to download.


Carbon Monoxide: What Do you Know About the Value of ‘Light-Off? CO?

David Richards, NCINCI’s David Richardson discusses the importance of a measurement known as ‘Light-Off? CO. In fact, in this blog post he takes a high-level look at how HVAC service technicians can make better diagnoses of gas-fired equipment operation using this measurement. That is to say, this a great blog post for the ‘techhies’ out there. Read it here:

Science Fiction or Not: New Technologies in the HVAC Industry

Somehow Mike Weil always manages to bring his favorite topic — science fiction — into a discussion. He turns his attention to 3D printing and virtual reality and how this tech is changing the definition of the HVAC Industry. Not so long ago such tech was the stuff of comic books and space opera novels. Today it not only is changing the way buildings are designed and built, but it impacts mechanical equipment itself. By all means, read it here:

Online University

Featured this month is the Business Management Basics Module covering the NCI Performance-Based Business Model. This course is designed to apply the same principles usedby service and installation technicians to the business itself. Therefore, you will learn how to measure and use standards to set expectations within your company and guide your team successfully.

In fact, this course is an introduction to understanding how to use uniform standards. This helps to define performance expectations. It creates a business model that shows a supporting structure for a successful HVAC team. It teaches you how to use departmental measurements to create consistency in your company.

So take a minute and learn more about this course in particular and the Online University in general. Just follow this link:

Have you been reading this magazine and hearing others talk about Performance-Based Contracting?’ Did you know there is a website where you can go to learn more about what it is and how it can really differentiate your company from competitors? Well, there is such a site. It can be found at (Why Performance-Based Contracting?).

This site defines what true Performance-Based contractors do, how this method of doing business benefits customers, and how it can bring more profits to your bottom line. Register and you can download free articles and other information to answer your questions about testing and measuring airflow the Performance-Based way.