Do You Reap the Most from Your Membership?

One of the best benefits of being a National Comfort Institute (NCI) member is the Member Rewards TIPP (Training Incentive Partnership Program). As a member in good standing, your company is eligible to participate in TIPP. Incentive dollars from our vendor partners are deposited into your training account in the form of NCI Bucks.

NCI Members reward programnis unique

Earn bucks in several ways. One is to make purchases from vendor partners via the Member Rewards TIPP. Visit our partners here:

You can also earn bucks when you buy seats in training classes. In addition to any member discounts you receive, members earn five NCI Bucks for every $100 in training they purchase.

That number goes up if you subscribe to our Learning Excellence Live Online or Premium memberships.

The TIPP program helps NCI members fund training
NCI Member Rewards Training Incentive Partner Program (TIPP) puts NCI Bucks into your accounts and saves on the cost of training.

Learning Excellence Member subscribers get 100 NCI Training Bucks every month as long as they are current on their monthly or annual dues. If you subscribe to Learning Excellence Live or Learning Excellence Premium, you get 350 NCI Bucks each month.

You can use these funds to pay for any live or online training class and event. You can also use NCI bucks toward the purchase of tools and instruments from the NCI store.

Find more information on NCI Bucks at Or call 800-633-7058 and speak to a Customer Care representative. They can help you learn more about TIPP, Bucks, and every other benefit that your membership provides.

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