High Performance HVAC Alliance Now Open to NCI Members

Last month NCI announced a new partnership with the Electric and Gas Industries Association* (EGIA), and the creation of a new High-Performance HVAC Alliance for HVAC contractor members of both EGIA and NCI.

By partnering under the Alliance umbrella, NCI and EGIA together deliver unparalleled value to HVAC contractors. Specifically, Alliance contractors are members of North America’s most comprehensive HVAC industry organization, providing the full spectrum of technical and non-technical training, support, and best practices for every aspect and role in your HVAC contracting business.

What Do You Get?

This means by upgrading to Alliance membership you’ll receive the highest level of benefits from both organizations – at deeply discounted membership dues of just $999/month, saving $250/month compared to separate dues in each organization!

In addition, Alliance members get a rebate of $350/month in training funds to use towards most NCI and EGIA training. Training funds never expire. You can also use them towards 50% of any non-resale purchases including tools, instruments, and support materials bought through NCI.

Alliance Members also get exclusive bonuses adding up to more than $3,500 each year, including a free Summit seat ($695 value), a print monthly subscription to High Performance HVAC Today, and more than $2,700 in business building boot camps!

So What’s Included in My Alliance Membership?

Alliance members get both NCI’s Learning Excellence Premium Membership package, and EGIA’s Premium Membership package. That is to say each membership package has valuable money-saving and money-making benefits. Be sure to click on the links above to see the dozens of membership benefits.

To illustrate, benefits includes world class live and online technical training, coaching and support, coupled with live and online training, coaching and support in business leadership, management, operations, customer service, sales, and marketing. Click here for more detailed information on Alliance member benefits.

What Is My Additional Investment?

Depending on your current NCI membership level, your additional investment would be as follows:

Current NCI Members at $100/monthYour additional dues would be $899/month, but you immediately get $350 of that back in your training fund, making it just $549. And you’ll continue to build $4,200 in your training fund each year so it’s there when you need it the most.

With the additional $388/month in bonuses and extra benefits described above, including an upgrade to ComfortMaxx Verify’, your true net investment would be just $167 per month more than your current dues! At this higher level you also get triple NCI bucks (15%) on all your training, the highest incentive level in our TIPP program, and so much more.

Current Members with Learning Excellence subscription at $450/monthYour additional dues would be just $449/month, but you immediately get $350 back in your training fund each month. Including the additional bonuses described above, your net investment would be actually $40/month LESS than your current dues!

If you currently participate in NCI training and membership and want to also grow and improve every aspect of your business, upgrading to High Performance HVAC Alliance membership makes complete sense, and will pay for itself many times over, year after year.

Click Here to contact us about joining the Alliance or call Nick Guarino at 800-633-7058 to learn more today!

*EGIA is an 85-year-old non-profit membership organization working to advance energy efficiency and renewable energy solutions through the home improvement and renewable energy industries. The organization works closely with utility companies and the government on their energy-efficiency and renewable energy programs and manages one of the largest energy-efficiency financing programs in the country. EGIA also provides training, coaching, and support for hundreds of contractor members.


FREE Zoning Webinar: NCI Members Only

NCI Members Exclusive Zoning Webinar with Jackson Systems

Webinar is scheduled May 23, 2018 from 5:30 to 6:30 PM

Jackson Systems is conducting a free seminar on zoning systems best practices and applications exclusively for NCI members. So mark your calendars for Wednesday, May 23rd from 5:30 to 6:30 PM.

The webinar will address four key issues:

  • How zoning works
  • Different ways you can zone
  • Zoning without a bypass (Title 24)
  • Challenges with zoning.

Jackson Systems is a preferred partner to NCI. Check out their NCI member page to learn more about the advantages they bring to your business through you’re your membership. Just click here.

To register for this upcoming webinar, just go to www.jacksonsystems.com/NCItraining.

For questions, please call Jackson Systems at 888/652-9663.

Did You Know? . . .’

As a member of National Comfort Institute (NCI), you have access to online digital fillable forms that you can use in your business. It’s true. We have an area on the NCI website called i-NCI. It is a special download portal that contains some great NCI-specific tools and apps for use on your mobile tablet and web-enabled devices.

NCI Members-only downloadable toolsSo what does this mean? These free downloads are designed to help you manage many different areas of your Performance-Based Contracting’ business ‘ from sales, service and installation management, and more.

Some of these Home Comfort Analysis tools include:

  • Customer Survey
  • Upflow
  • Downflow
  • Horizontal
  • Lowboy.

These downloads are PDF forms that can be filled out right on your mobile device. We are working on several new additions to this downloadable library, so stay tuned.

In the meantime, to fill out these PDFs on your mobile devices, we recommend you download the Adobe Acrobat Reader app for iOS. You can find it in the Apple App Store. For Android devices, you’ll find it on the Google App Store.

High PerformanceTalk is Rockin?

NCI Members discussion forum - High Performance TalkIn February 2018, NCI launched its brand new High PerformanceTalk website ‘ a members-only discussion forum designed, like its email predecessor, as a networking and communications vehicle for Performance-Based Contractors, NCI’s vendor partners, and NCI’s staff. The original PerformanceTalk was launched in 2007 and was only an email discussion vehicle.

High PerformanceTalk is an evolutionary step forward. It allows members to post online via its website, as well as through email. Since its launch a mere two months ago, it has seen steady growth. The site has gone from zero to 263 users, 472 posts, and 36 topics.

The top eight discussion topics include:

Keep the dialog going with your Performance-Based Contractor peers. This is a free member benefit. If you wish to email and make a post directly to the new site, please send your request to hpthelp@nationalcomfortinstitute.com.