NEW Residential Air Balancing Online Live Certification

NCI members now have a new benefit: An online live certification class for residential air balancing. This online course features several hands-on demonstrations that include how to use the test instruments, how to determine proper testing locations, as well as live system testing and interpretation of readings.

One of the key benefits of this online certification class is it enhances your company’s professional reputation. It also establishes you in your marketplace as the true air balancing expert.

You can get NCI member discounts on the new live online training program

To qualify for Residential Air Balancing training, the student must hold a current NCI certification (or must be registered to complete a class and certification exam) in either Duct System Optimization and/or Residential System Performance. Also, the student must pass NCI’s Residential Air Balancing online exam.

This class is eight hours of live, online training provided over two days. Day one focuses on the history and purposes of air balancing. You will also learn how to do an airflow traverse (includes a hands-on demonstration).

Day two teaches you how to prepare for system balancing. You will also go over air testing and balancing procedures and become familiar with how to overcome balancing obstacles. Then you will learn how to conduct a final system test and fill out documentation correctly.

As more HVAC and energy professionals discover the importance of testing and balancing, the better equipped they can be to answer the needs of clients and the demands of building departments and utility programs.

If you are interested in learning more, go to or call 800-633-7058. Speak to one of NCI’s Customer Care representatives about this new class.