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Fieldpiece JL3RH Psychrometer

For my September 2019 review, I am looking at the Fieldpiece JL3RH psychrometer. Gone are the days of racing around a house with a psychrometer trying to reduce the time between register and grille temperature measurements. Fieldpiece has created the JL3RH wireless psychrometer. In Fieldpiece’s efforts to respond to contractors input on tool design, the JL3RH is designed with flexibility and ease of use in mind.

The flexible neck and sliding mounting magnet simplifies mounting and positioning the probe tip to eliminate room air entrainment that affects the readings.

Several of these psychrometers can be connected at one time, minimizing testing time while increasing measurement accuracy. For larger commercial systems, you can use Fieldpiece’s Job Link smart-phone app to receive data from additional psychrometers, if necessary.

September 2019 High-Performance HVAC Product Review of the Fieldpiece JL3RH PsychrometerUsing the Job Link app, you can enter airflow from AirMaxx and live Btu calculations are displayed on the screen. This becomes a powerful way to display the operating efficiency of your customer’s equipment.

For example, two probes can measure equipment heating capacity in the heating season, and the customer can see improvements in capacity as you improve combustion efficiency.

During cooling season, the probes can verify evaporator operation and indicate externally whether gauges should be connected to the system. Learn more about AirMaxx at ncilink.com/AirMaxx. It can be downloaded for free at both the Apple and Google Play stores.

If you’re looking for a tool to speed up or discover new service opportunities, visualize performance loss to customers, or ease the sales process by providing more facts to the customer, then the JL3RH is the tool for you.

And that is my September 2019 review. For more information or to buy this instrument from the NCI Store, go to ncilink.com/FieldpieceJL3RH.

? Justin Bright, National Comfort Institute Field Coach, and Instructor

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