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Dwyer Series 2000 Magnehelic

Here’s an oldie but goody. If you’re the nostalgic type who enjoys needles bouncing back and forth, the Dwyer Magnehelic is just the tool for you. Measuring in at a whopping zero to one inch of water column, this Magnehelic will make you money any time you take it out of its box.

With its bright orange needle and decently large numbers, you’ll never question the measurement.

Before you view the measurements, the Magnehelic needs to be level to your eyes, front-to-back as well as side-to-side. It comes with two ports so you can measure different pressures across a system component.
The information it provides is worth its weight in gold.

The Dwyer Magnehelic measures air velocity, among other things
The Dwyer Series 2000 Magnehelic measures air velocity, among other things.

The Series 2000 Magnehelic comes in 81 models with 27 options you can choose from. It can be used for filter monitoring, air velocity measurement (using a Dwyer Pitot tube), fan pressure measurement, duct-room-building pressure measurement, and much more.

It has a zero adjustment screw located in the plastic cover which is accessible without removing the cover. An O-ring seal provides pressure tightness.

The Magnehelic is a great visual aid to you and your customers. It allows you to help your customer to see the invisible ‘ what the static should be compared to what the static is. It helps them realize what’s been wrong with their system all along.

In return, this device gives you the ability to really use your knowledge and provide solutions for every customer you encounter.

So don’t hesitate, get your money-making device today. To learn more, go to the National Comfort Institute online store at ncilink.com/magnehelic to buy an entire kit that includes the Dwyer Magnehelic.

– By Casey Contreras, National Comfort Institute Field Coach and Instructor

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