Adam Rahmanovich will tell you that his company is much more than just a heating and air conditioning company. The difference, he explains, is their customer-first approach to doing business. ‘This is at the core of our business structure.’ He adds that ‘Customer-first’ means honesty and integrity are at the core of everything everyone in the company does every day.

‘We spend a lot of time thinking about and finding innovative ways to stay on top. The outcome is a pleasant, knowledgeable workforce that provides great value to our customers by delivering ‘Comfort You Can Trust.’

Indoor Comfort Team (ICT), headquartered in St. Louis, MO, is the result of the successful merger of two separate companies into one ‘team.’

Rahmanovich already owned a small residential and light commercial HVAC service contracting firm which he had started in 2003. When an opportunity to buy another HVAC contracting firm came up, he jumped on it.

ICT logo

The purchase happened at the end of 2005 into 2006. Rahmanovich says, ‘I realized my last name was not the most marketable name out there, so I created a new company name – Indoor Comfort Team. In addition to recognizing that the new company was a merger of two, I also used the name as a base concept for how we operate ‘ as a team.’

ICT Today

The combined company currently achieves revenues in the mid to high $3 million range and employs around 32 people.

ICT fields 18 vehicles. According to Rahmanovich, who is a trained engineer, 80 to 85% of their work is residential. The rest is light commercial. He says that both the residential and light commercial work is handled by the same service/installation technicians.

Living the Dream

To carry out a Customer-First approach requires being on top of your game and that requires training. Rahmanovich says all his service technicians are highly trained so they meet the highest HVAC industry standards.

‘My team is recognized as verified journeymen energy efficiency experts with hundreds of hours of training and years of on-site experience,’ he continues. ‘Our average technician has more than 20 years of experience, with our senior technician having 36 years of experience.

‘We also have one of the most seasoned and respected HVAC instructors in the St. Louis area responsible for training our technicians and keeping our team up-to-date on the latest HVAC technological advancements and industry best practices.’

That instructor, Edward Murphy (Murph) Geigerich, is the ICT’s service and installation manager. According to Rahmanovich, ‘He worked for several technical schools as an instructor as well as in the field as a tech himself.’

Murph joined Indoor Comfort Team in 2013 or so.

Rahmanovich adds that because they set their standards high, not everyone who applies to work with the Indoor Comfort Team makes the grade. In fact, according to the Indoor Comfort Team website, less than 0.5% of the technicians who apply pass the company’s initial, in-house HVAC test and can move on to the next level of evaluation.

‘We want only the best to serve our customers,’ he says.

ICT Technician checking refrigerant charge
ICT Technician checking refrigerant charge.

All Indoor Comfort Team technicians are certified by National Comfort Institute (NCI), the Building Performance Institute (BPI), and the North American Technician’s Excellence (NATE).

‘Our team lives the dream,’ he adds. They have careers and are the best at what they do.

Staying Active

Rahmanovich tells the story of an instructor he had while he was in trade school who used to tell the class that ‘One day out is actually one day behind.’

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