Wireless Straight Pitot Tubes

Dwyer Instruments, Inc., recently released their Series 160FW Wireless Straight Pitot Tube Series. The Series 160FW is ideal for measuring air velocity or flow in applications such as building commissioning and building HVAC testing and balancing.

Data is captured and sent to Dwyer’s Mobile Meter? or TraverseIT? Software Application via a wireless differential pressure sensor attached to the Pitot tube.

Dwyer constructs this pitot tube from corrosion resistant stainless steel, with permanently etched insertion depth graduations. Plus, the static pressure port is parallel to the sensing tube. This allows for quick, easy alignment of the tube with the air flow. The straight design also makes it easy to insert into ducts and helps technicians position it in hard-to-reach locations. This is especially true where a curved-style Pitot tube may not allow access.

For more information, go to ncilink.com/160FW.

Fujitsu Smarter Building Controller

Fujitsu General’s Smarter Building Controller has an easy-to-use, plug-and-play building management system for use with Fujitsu’s Airstage heating, ventilation, and cooling systems.

Built by Ventacity Systems, this controller offers seamless integration with installed equipment. You control the device via an Internet connection through a simple interface from any connected device. So it is easy to setup and use, with advanced users able to generate system performance reports, alerts, and access service diagnostic screens.

The system also gives you the option to use a secure cellular LTE network, making complicated IT unnecessary. This provides your building owner extremely secure connectivity and control.

Furthermore, you need no expensive field controllers at control points and no specialized programing.

For more information, go to ncilink.com/SMcontrol.