Just as it’s happening in the rest of the world, the average home in Houston, Texas is changing, along with our weather and power infrastructure. Across America, people are staying in their homes longer than at any other time in history.

They are facing many indoor challenges. The need for a healthy indoor environment, especially after the pandemic, became immediately noticeable. This means that it’s essential for the inside of a home to be a healthy space to not just sleep or relax but have full lives.

In all fields of building science, upgrades will always be needed as changes come and progress is made. The HVAC industry has never been the exception. The need for systems designed to meet the new challenges that come with this transition is obvious.

The fact is, system performance is not magic. At Crossway Mechanical, we’ve come to understand that the modern HVAC contractor needs to have a very elastic mind. With new technology come new subjects to learn and new skills to master.

Think how far we’ve come: HVAC technicians of the 1980s never dreamed that they’d need basic computer know-how to diagnose the new communicating systems preferred by many homeowners today.

To make things a bit more interesting, modern tools to simplify diagnosing not just equipment, but also air delivery systems, each have their own learning curves.

Today, the number of our tools with a mobile app interface is increasing. And nearly every mobile app is like a person, with a whole set of idiosyncrasies to remember for each of them. For example, some such apps are available for:

  • iManifold
  • Fieldpiece
  • Resideo
  • CoolCloudHAC
  • PT PRO
  • BluVac, and more.

It’s necessary that every serious technician who wants to provide good service become familiar with each one of them.

How does that come into play with the selling of high-performance residential and commercial HVAC system upgrades?

Our philosophy, as stated by Crossway Mechanical Owner Brian Wright, is to “sell yourself, your brand, your image, before you sell the product.” Equipment brands will change. Consolidation of manufacturing brands can make it challenging for a homeowner to inherently trust just a brand name.