It’s mind-boggling how many articles there are for HVAC contractors on how to build leads and grow your business. Most of them involve marketing on the Internet, through direct mail and advertising, postcards, and more. For Canco ClimateCare, ( our lead generation comes from word-of-mouth based on how different we are in our marketplace.

That difference is the direct result of being a Performance-Based Contracting’ company that focuses on HVAC system testing, measuring, and repairing so that the customer receives what we promise them. This is a very different approach to lead generation. But to be clear, it is not the silver bullet to build leads. It’s just part of the picture. For us, it’s a big part.

Will Horner

Leads Begin With Technicians

And it starts with our technicians.

We strive to equip our techs with the training and tools they need to perform static pressure and temperature rise tests on every HVAC system they encounter.

This includes using a Canco customized ComfortMaxx™ ( from National Comfort Institute (NCI).

We incentivize our technicians to do this by giving them a monetary spiff for each form they fill out. This way, they will spend the time to do the test.

Installing test ports for static pressure testing is part of how Canco gathers data to build leads. This is an example of a customer test port sticker that Canco uses.

Our technicians themselves don’t sell. If they find issues, they report that to our salesperson (me), who then follows up with the customer.

The customer reports are also turned into the office, becoming the principal tool to build leads for future sales.

None of our competitors do this. Our approach almost always piques customer interest which leads them to ask a lot of questions. Those questions often lead to a repair sale for us.

I guess what I am saying is that the performance approach to contracting fuels curiosity and generates most of our leads.

A Service-to-Sales Approach

Everything starts with my technicians, who send me the lead directly. If I’m busy or on the phone, they go through our office, and then I’ll get an email. I see every static pressure report. If the numbers are high, the tech red flags it for special attention.

We’ve been doing these pressure reports for five years. We break these down into groups ‘ customers with readings that are over .70 get personalized emails to talk about what that means and what next steps we can take to correct it.

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