Online CERTIFICATION Coming Soon to a Computer Near You!

Exciting News! NCI is now offering two of its most popular certification classes online. Starting this September, you will be able to take our Duct System Optimization and Commercial System Performance training online from the comfort and safety of your home or office. We will also begin offering online proctored Certification exams.

September 2020 Member Certification Training Online

Our new online certification classes take place in 4-hour sessions, over four days for a total of 16 hours of education. Each class is led by one of NCI’s experienced instructors and is jam-packed with the latest and greatest HVAC education that will set your team apart and ensure satisfied customers.

You will need a laptop or desktop PC to participate. With your registration to these classes, you’ll also receive a printed manual and other printed and downloadable materials.

As a member, you’ll receive extra savings on the training. Plus you can earn NCI Bucks, or apply Bucks towards the training if you have some saved.

Stay tuned: We plan to bring several other NCI Certification classes online over the next several months.

Click for more information and to register today!

Your SEPTEMBER 2020 PowerPack IS READY!

It’s here and ready for you to access right now ‘ your September 2020 PowerPack. We hope you were able to take advantage of all the great tools from the August PowerPack.

This month we provide you with more content to help you with your carbon monoxide approach and strategy.

September 2020 PowerPack

Some of the tools included each month may not be normally accessible with your current membership subscription package. However, you can access these tools through this PowerPack portal during the current month.

So, without further ado, let’s drill down and take a look at the September 2020 PowerPack:

  • Introduction to Carbon Monoxide (Online Training Module)
  • Create the Ultimate Fall Marketing Strategy (Recorded Webinar)
  • NSI 3000 CO Monitor Sales Ideas (Download)
  • Why Should I Demand a CO Test’ brochure (Download)
  • Important Test Results (Download).

We think you’ll find these tools and training materials very helpful as you continue to grow your High-Performance HVAC business.

Be sure to share your September PowerPack with your entire team! Grab yours today:

Did You Know?

Membership in National Comfort Institute (NCI) provides so many benefits that many members often can’t keep up with them. For example, did you know that if you are an NCI member with a current certification, your company is automatically in the Find-A-Certified-Professional listings?

Your Find-A-Certified-Professional listing is on NCI’s exclusive consumer site ( and includes a premium listing containing your contact information, what certifications your team holds, and a link to your website. It also includes a brief description of the services your company offers as well as what market area you serve.

Is your listing up-to-date? Take a look and find out! Go to and check it out.