SERVICE: High Performance Starts Here!

The 2023 High-Performance HVAC conference focuses on the critical steps to building a solid high-performance maintenance program, fix systems right the first time, and generate leads for profitable equipment replacement and air upgrades.

It's critical to register for Summit 2023 now

From April 16-20, 2023 contractors from across the entire HVAC Industry will join us in Branson, MO and learn to deliver highly performing systems on every service and maintenance visit, as well as on every installation.

This conference’s breakout sessions will include:

  • Profitable System Upgrade Leads through Testing and Diagnostics on Service Calls
  • Keep Customers Safe and Generate Leads with CO Safety and Combustion Testing
  • Increase Sales Success by Properly Managing Service-Generated Leads
  • Build Lifetime Customers with High-Performance Maintenance Agreements
  • Deliver High Performance with Hands-on Diagnostics in Low-Performance Town.

With these five different breakout sessions there will be 20 slots to choose from! To get the most from these sessions we recommend you bring at least three people this year. Be sure to ask about our special 3-Pack offer!

It’s critical to vthe Summit Week Website at to reserve your seats for what is shaping up to be the best Summit ever. Registration is open now, so be sure to sign up and take advantage of the Summit Early Bird Registrations.

Join High-Performance Talk Today

Last month we announced NCI’s new High-Performance Talk Forum. This forum is both app and browser-based and is the only forum dedicated specifically to the High-Performance HVAC contracting method. Here contractors can talk to their peers about everything from critical testing issues to tips on how to implement some aspects of the performance approach into their businesses.

HighPerformanceTalk is a critical and important discussion forum

If you are unfamiliar with online for­ums, in a nutshell, they are internet spaces designed and built around critical discussion, usually through active participation.

People usually do this by posting questions, responding to questions, and sharing experiences. Though many of these discussions don’t take place in real-time, you can arrange them by topics, sorted by date, and archived, enabling discussions to occur over days, months, or even years.

Forums are incredible resources showing what your peers are doing, what is happening in the industry, and what technologies are coming down the pike.

High-Performance-Talk is such a forum. So, join the digital discussion about all things high performance.

Registration is free, so it should be simple to sign up today. Why not give it a try? Go to and check it out. To post on the site, you must register. That is easy to do. Just click here and fill out the basic form.

We look forward to seeing you online at today.

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