Of course, NCI’s ComfortMaxx™ system is the best place to capture this performance data because it can produce meaningful reports to educate customers about your findings and recommendations.

Whatever method you use, someone in your business must be responsible for maintaining this information goldmine. If nobody is watching your valuable database, the information will be useless, and you’ll miss out on many opportunities to delight customers, improve your sales success, and grow your business.

Sales success depends on converting leads to jobs.
Leads to Sales Conversion

Turn Data into Dollars

Stored data is to the business as stored seed is to the farmer. Without seeds, the farmer can’t grow a crop. Without data, the business owner can’t grow customer delight and profits. You must act on the data like farmers must act on the seed.

If you know what to look for, mining a database to find the best sales opportunities is simple. What could you do with a list of current customers with 18-plus-year-old equipment hooked up to a failing (57% efficient) duct system? If I were in sales, I would love to work that list!

The nice thing is, when you proactively work your database, you can decide when you need to “plant the seeds” that can sprout and turn into profitable sales. When outside temperatures are extreme, you don’t need more leads; you need more people to get the work done! When it’s mild outside, that’s the best time to take action on your stored data and begin the educational sales process.

Once again, someone in your business must be responsible for acting on your stored performance data. You must assign someone to farm your performance database for more opportunities to delight customers and improve sales success and profits. Like an unplanted seed, it will produce no fruit unless planted and nurtured by the farmer.

Encourage and Motivate Your Team

It is common to find discouraged technicians because they don’t see any benefit from the system performance data gathered on their service and maintenance calls. Not seeing the benefit is an unfortunate error. Everyone needs to see measurable results from their efforts to encourage and motivate them.

“Lead measures” track the critical activities that drive (or lead to) the accomplishment of an important goal. What leads to delighted customers and business growth? For High-Performance HVAC contractors, static pressure measurement is one critical activity to track. While many more critical activities should be monitored, the performance of this simple activity predicts the success of goal accomplishment. It is influenced directly by the service team.

“Lag measures” track the success of your most important goals. Customer education contacts, customer delight scores, average sale price, and profitability are all critical lag measures that will not occur unless the lead activities are performed. Sharing lead and lag measures with your team can encourage and motivate them to continue performing required activities that result in greater success.

Assign someone on your team to track, monitor, and publicly report lead and lag measures. If nobody is responsible for this vital activity, you will miss out on the incredible benefits that the high-performance HVAC approach has to offer your customers, your employees, and your company.

Want to learn more?

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David Holt is NCI’s director of national accounts and an instructor. You can reach him at ncilink.com/ContactMe with any questions or comments.