Sales Mean Providing Options

Our technicians can immediately send an estimate to the customer. Every estimate provides four options for duct renovations or redesigns.

The options go from very basic repairs to a complete renovation, which means pulling everything out, replacing plenums and ductwork, and redoing everything up to the equipment. We change everything.

We provide four options because customers like choices. Sometimes the minimum or basic option will still help them big time.
Customers often have a limited budget allocated for home repairs and opt for the minimum work. But we find that when they see a considerable improvement by doing the minimum, they tend to do the rest of the work. Maybe all of it.

Next Steps

Once the customer approves whichever option fits their budget or their needs, we schedule the date and time for the work. If the technician sells the job, he or she can immediately go back into the attic and take more measurements, especially on the plenums and on the equipment.

While one tech is in the attic, we’ll typically send another tech to measure the room dimensions throughout the house and the total square footage of the house itself. We use these measurements for our load calculations. This tech makes a note of register and grill locations, window facing, and so on.

If we aren’t replacing equipment, we still make sure the existing system is sized correctly. In the greater Houston area, we often find that existing HVAC equipment is oversized.

Duct renovation often helps to greatly improve indoor air quality.
Duct renovation often helps to greatly improve indoor air quality.

We talk with customers about the pros and cons of humidity control, air quality, and so on. Sometimes, when air quality issues are involved, the customer most likely goes for the complete duct renovation.

After taking all the measurements, we come back to the office and work on the renovation design. By the way, we include our techs in the design stage. We use NCI methodology for sizing based on our measurements.

That methodology also includes any specific needs the customers may have based on what they told us during the interview. These include which rooms are typically hot, cold, and so on.

Complete Redesigns and Renovations

If we propose doing a complete redesign, we sit back down with the customer and go over everything we plan to do and why.
A complete duct renovation means doing all the steps mentioned above, plus taking into account window locations and house orientation. It’s essential to know the location of the equipment and ductwork inside the home and attic.

Why? Because the direction the house faces and the location of equipment in the attic impact how well air is delivered at the proper temperatures. So, we must compensate with the appropriate duct location and sizing.

Then comes the logistics process. Once we sell the job, design it, and bring the customer up to speed, we gather the equipment and assign an installation crew to perform the work.

At Punbar, we typically have the tech who sold the project supervise the installation to ensure the design is followed properly. By doing this, we help the customer to feel even better by having the same person who sold the job supervising what was proposed.

As part of the installation process, we typically print our designs. We use Housecall Pro ( software for job estimating, scheduling, and management. We attach our design drawings to the app, so everybody on the job can see them on their cell phones or iPads.

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