In the cult classic movie, Bill and Ted Face the Music, the comedic main characters seek the path to excellence in their mission to save the world by writing the one song that unites us all.

When it comes to the High-Performance HVAC Contracting Industry, we are all on a most excellent adventure as well. We are out to unite the HVAC universe. Our mission is to teach technicians to test, measure, and diagnose invisible problems. Why? To help solve customer comfort and energy issues.

We face many challenges and opportunities in this endeavor. So as we move forward, let’s face the music. Let’s make the most of what is happening in the world today.

In order to put together a most excellent band of comfort heroes, we need to stay alert and put customers first. One way is by attending trade events like the AHR Expo in February in Atlanta, and National Comfort Institute’s 2023 High-Performance Summit in April in Branson, MO.

Most Excellence in Training

At the Expo, experts from across the industry will share the latest information on hot ticket items including:

Most excellent adventures are what High-Performance is all about
  • The new SEER2 Efficiency Regulations
  • Challenges with adopting the A2L refrigerants that impact the entire HVAC value chain
  • Carbonization (or de-carbonization) efforts
  • The Electrification movement
  • Supply Chain Challenges
  • Increasing Indoor Air Quality challenges
  • Technical advances that impact manufacturing,
  • distribution, and contracting
  • Cybersecurity in both the residential and commercial arenas
  • Technician shortages and workforce development issues
  • More technical and soft-skill training for HVAC contractors.

In an effort to help contractors face the music, a group of NCI experts are conducting educational sessions at the AHR Expo. If you plan to attend, be sure to participate in the free sessions where David Richardson, Ben Lipscomb, P.E., and David Holt are addressing:

  • How to cure the HVAC Equipment Failure Epidemic with Simple Air Upgrades
  • Face New Market Challenges in Light Commercial Testing, Adjusting, and Balancing
  • Sell High-Performance HVAC Through Homeowner Education
  • Real World Application of ANSI/ASHRAE Standard 221
  • Choose The Right Tools to Redesign HVAC Systems for Electrification.

And NCI CEO, Dominick Guarino will be on the HVACR State of the Industry Leadership Panel Discussion: Today’s Market, Challenges, Opportunities and What’s Ahead.

Summit 2023 is a Most Excellent Event

In April, NCI Summit shows High-Performance HVAC Contractors how to be more excellent to customers by teaching service as the foundation of performance. That event focuses on getting back to high-performance basics, and assisting your customers with issues like energy efficiency, IAQ, comfort, and more.

Learn more and sign up for Summit today at

Do you want some other ways to face the music in 2023? Reading this magazine each month is one way. Check out the residential market outlook on page 19 and Colleen Keyworth’s tips on creating strong marketing plans on page 23.

Yes, there are challenges to overcome and changes to deal with. But success in 2023 is yours for the taking. To quote Bill and Ted, “Have a most extraordinary year and party on, dudes!”