NCI’s 20th Annual High-Performance HVAC Summit is right around the corner. Are you wondering if you should go this year. What will be so different than all the other conferences out there?

For starters, Summit is the only conference in our industry that focuses on helping contractors implement NCI’s High-Performance approach to service, sales, installation, and system renovation.

NCI Summit 2023 is NOT an industry group rah-rah meeting. It’s a down-to-earth serious conference for HVAC professionals who choose to not be the typical HVAC company that only fixes and swaps boxes.

If your goal is to be the very best, deliver quality and highly-performing systems — and then be able to prove it to your customers with real data — then Summit is the right conference for you.

We will feature many of the sessions participants look forward to each year. These include our general sessions, great social events, and time with our industry partners.

We will also continue to feature mainstays like hands-on training in Low-PerformanceTown. We will also have our traditional Awards Banquet honoring the best of the best High-Performance Contractors.

NCI Summit 2023: A New Approach

What is truly different this year is our workshop format. We will take a brand-new approach that breaks the traditional “seminar” pattern. Here’s how it will work:

Attendees will be divided into four teams. Each team will go through four discussion-style workshops over the course of the three-day event. Each workshop will be led by an NCI instructor who will moderate the session and keep it on track.

The goal at NCI Summit 2023 is to draw from the “Wisdom of the Crowd” so attendees can share their successes and failures in each area of the agenda.

Participants will be able to learn from each other and the workshop leader to identify solid best practices. This knowledge is sure to help you make High-Performance an integral part of your company’s culture and business model.

The bonus is all sessions will be recorded and available to every Summit Attendee so you can review not just your four sessions but the other three sets of sessions from the other teams.

In all, you’ll be able to review 16 workshop recordings once Summit is over! This will allow you to extend learning far beyond Summit Week to help you and your entire team implement solid best practices year-round.

Let’s look at an example: One of the four NCI Summit 2023 workshops is focused on generating profitable leads through testing on service calls. The session will focus on:

  • Teaching techs why they should test, as well as when, what, and how to test
  • Communicating findings to customers
  • Seasonal prioritization of leads
  • Hand-off to sales: Replacements vs Upgrades.

Remember, this isn’t a typical seminar with a speaker sharing information. Instead it’s a discussion on each of these key areas, so the team can distill it to best practices you can take back to your company.

So don’t delay. Point your browser to to learn more and register.

Be sure to bring at least two more from your team and get a three-seat discount. Combine that with our Early Bird Rates and save even more!

Remember, NCI Members also get special pricing and can apply their NCI Training Bucks!

See you in Branson!