Email Follow-up

After the tech visit, we follow up with the customer using a series of emails from our marketing team that touch on all the different services we offer. The emails explain how the ductwork is part of the overall system and cannot be ignored if we are to truly get at the heart of whatever problems the customer is facing inside their home.

The emails explain everything in medical terms. For example, we talk about how if someone has heart problems, doctors don’t just look at and repair the heart. They always look at the entire circulatory system. In the HVAC universe, ductwork IS the circulatory system of a home. The emails go out once or twice a week.

Kennihan Print and Social Media Marketing

We also send out a monthly print newsletter and direct mail campaigns that address the High-Performance Contracting approach. The newsletters can go into more detail, are more personalized, and are essential parts of our ability to gain more business and profits from our existing customer base.

The Kennihan marketing strategy includes print and social media
Having a marketing strategy and budget is essential when planning
and promoting your brand and High-Performance services.

With so many young people and families owning homes in our service area, we also strive to educate them using social media. I believe in delivering consistent messaging in whatever medium customers want. That not only includes having a Facebook page, a website, and more, but we also use newspapers and local magazines, as well as word-of-mouth to get our message out there.

But as I said, it all begins with the technicians. They are part of the culture of performance, so they start the conversation. And even during the jobs, they are talking about HVAC performance issues with the customers.

Who Has the Time for All of This?

In a word ‘ nobody. That is why Kennihan uses third-party vendors to help. On the digital side, we use a company called iMarket Solutions ( We meet weekly to go over our schedule.

On a spreadsheet, I create a plan for the entire year. It’s broken down by month and week, where I plug in general relevant messaging for the time of year. Then I sit down with my rep at iMarket each week to discuss what items to talk about in those emails.

I provide the general idea of the marketing message, and my vendor creates the actual, professional message based on that.

Our email blasts go out 3X per month. This strategy helps Kennihan continue to build trust-value with existing customers.

In addition, our company uses outside supplier EB&L marketing ( for print newsletters.

I believe that no matter what promotional or marketing medium you use, your messaging must work together. You must coordinate the message between digital and print. The only difference for us is the print newsletter. The newsletter allows me to elaborate more on our promotional topic while still being congruent with the digital messaging.

As we strive to educate customers on the superior benefits of a performance approach to maintaining, repairing, and even replacing their home comfort systems, the importance of consistency stretches across all the different ways they could read that message.

Home Shows

Before the pandemic, we also marketed our performance capabilities at live events like home shows. The pandemic has put a stop to that, for now. Home shows allow us to see customers face-to-face and provide a real opportunity to distinguish our company as a Performance-Based Contracting’ firm.

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