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TEC Digital TrueFlow Solution

A few months ago, NCI’s David Richardson and I visited The Energy Conservatory (TEC) in Minnesota. Our mission was to closely examine their Digital TrueFlow Air Handler Flow Meter. This product is a significant redesign of their original TrueFlow, which was revolutionary for its time. Still, it pales compared to the new model regarding user friendliness and versatility.

After our visit, I am confident that the TrueFlow is the most accurate way to measure airflow through a residential air handler or furnace in the field, even in challenging measurement situations.

David and I and the TEC team put the product through its paces in their NIST-certified “Chamber of Truth.” The TrueFlow performed well within accuracy specs when used within its design limits. Remarkably it gave good results even when we pushed those limits.

We don’t always have the option to measure within published constraints in the field. It’s comforting that you can still get a reasonable measurement in those situations.

Perhaps more impressive than the accuracy is its ease of use. The TrueFlow uses a mobile app to walk you through the measurement process. Within a few minutes, you get an accurate airflow measurement and a report containing diagnostics based on static pressure measurements — an excellent value-add!

It’s clear that TrueFlow is a powerful tool for a service technician or installer to diagnose or verify airflow. What was unexpected is that it’s easy and quick enough to use as a sales tool. The Digital TrueFlow can clearly show customers where the deficiencies are in their current system, providing evidence-based support for system renovations, with or without equipment replacement.

For more information, go to ncilink.com/TECTrueFlow.

— By Ben Lipscomb, P.E., NCI director of engineering and utility services