Key Trends to Watch

“There is a danger today for contractors to seek easy answers to IAQ issues,” says Cody Novini. “It seems like more consumer product manufacturers than ever are building and selling IAQ products through online and brick-and-mortar stores. Anyone can buy these products and plug them in with promises that they will solve air quality problems.

“I see these as band-aid solutions at best, and many can be more dangerous than helpful. Properly fixing IAQ requires finding the root sources of the problem. As HVAC professionals, that is our job, our mission.”

Mitch Bailey says, “As homes are being built tighter, IAQ becomes critical. Every HVAC system must be able to provide clean, fresh air along with comfort.”

“It can’t only be about selling product-based IAQ solutions,” concludes Dawn Mroczek. “We have local competitors who sell consumers everything from UV lights to whole house filtration systems and more, without testing and measuring system performance. This can create more problems for consumers who continue paying for poor system performance, uncomfortable rooms, and products that may not help.”

Will Horner concurs. “We are in the life support business,” he says. “IAQ is a keen part of that. The only way to prove real solutions is by ensuring each consumer’s HVAC system performs as designed to provide the most comfortable, energy-efficient, healthy, and safe indoor environment possible. That can only be done by providing the proper airflow balanced with the cleanest air.”

For these contractors and the hundreds of others trained and practicing High-Performance HVAC contracting, indoor air quality is essential every day, not just during October’s IAQ month.