Over the years, contractors who use the High-Performance HVAC contracting method have heard us talk about how performance as a brand should be brought into your company culture.

NCI discusses things like implementation, consistency, testing, and measuring. We then use that data to explain to customers what they need to make their systems work as they should. We show how a high-performance approach can help to solve comfort problems no one else can even find.

Performance as a Brand Culture

In marketing circles, this is creating a brand culture. Think of your high-performance approach as the DNA that culture evolves from.

This DNA includes the promises, expectations, and goals which drives your business. Even if you don’t formalize this DNA, you create it every single day you are in business. This creation happens whether you realize it or not. Your brand reflects in everything — the appearance of your vehicles, how your technicians look and act in the field, even how your customer service representatives answer the phone.

You can control your brand, if you consciously create a culture with that brand at the center. How? It begins with the company owner and management team’s vision and mission.

The Role of Training

As more contractors choose to embrace High-Performance HVAC, they need to understand it requires investments in training. The training is not just for your field techs, but also on the behind-the-scenes processes that support those techs.

Those processes become a major part of your company’s culture. Many marketing experts will tell you that “culture in the branding landscape is the fundamental structure of the company.” That is the brand culture.

Brand Culture and Millennial Values

Did you know that today, members of the Millennial Generation are one of the largest buying group in the U.S.? According to a study done by an organization called 5WPR, 83% of millennials want to do business with companies that align with their values. You can check out their report here: ncilink.com/CultureRpt.

If your brand culture is built on positive values, people will want to be associated with it. By the way, what is a more positive value than a High-Performance approach to HVAC contracting?

Make Performance Your DNA

Our cover story focuses on how Lakeside Service created a brand culture both inside and outside the business. Read how their “DNA” revolves around providing 100% customer satisfaction through High-Performance HVAC testing, measuring, diagnosing, and solving comfort challenges.

Now think about this: If a growing percentage of customers are millennials, then a performance brand culture would be attractive. For such a culture to thrive, employees must fully understand and implement it into their daily routines. Again, training is the key.

So as we move into 2023, make performance part of your DNA. From the team here at High-Performance HVAC Today to you and your team, season’s greetings and have great success in the coming year.