Dave DeRose, MasterWorks Mechanical, Inc., Craig, CO

DeRose founded Masterworks Mechanical in Craig, CO in 1988. He took it from a one-man service shop in 1988 to a full-service company with a team of skilled professionals. Though he retired (sort of) from Masterworks in 2015, he laid the foundation that helped the company continue to grow into a primary plumbing, heating, cooling, and commercial refrigeration company serving Northwest Colorado.

He grew the company over the years and eventually sold it to employees Victor and Amy Updike in 2015. Dave remains active in and as a servant leader for the HVAC Industry, particularly the High-Performance Contracting segment.

He always looks to serve his customers, his team, and his community ‘ whether it is through delivering the very best in service via plumbing or HVAC contracting, to serving as the Mayor of the city of Craig, sitting on various boards of directors, or the organizer of after-school programs for young children.

He even helped NCI in the early years by securing a grant in Colorado where the state paid for 25 technicians to be trained in carbon monoxide and combustion efficiency testing.

In a company profile written back in 2011, DeRose credits NCI ‘for helping to teach me to think out of the box. It’s a philosophy as much as it is a set of skills. It’s the way I have learned to approach a system knowing that performance can be improved, that makes all the difference,’ the article quotes him.

He has been able to blend his staunch commitment to outstanding customer service, a great enthusiasm for giving back to the community, and a strong dedication to creating a quality workplace into a winning formula for business and life success.

Having retired from running the day to day operations of Masterworks, Dave DeRose dedicates some of his time to giving back through training with NCI to help other HVAC contractors become performance-based.

And Dave’s commitment to training extends beyond just his own company. He also helps arrange training for other businesses, and personally mentors many of them.

Dave and Masterworks received the NCI National Training Excellence Award in 2013 and were recognized at the Summit for their dedication to Performance-Based Contracting’, and in particular for their efforts towards training not only their own people but many other contractors in their community.

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