For over 40 years, I have experienced the dangers of draft diverters and drafthoods. In 1993, a field test with AGA (American Gas Association) Labs verified the poor performance of draft diverters and drafthoods.

In their report, AGA stated that removing or blocking draft diverters or drafthoods and replacing them with double-acting barometrics improved the safety and operation of all equipment tested. Eighteen out of eighteen had tested unsafe!

Any time you see rust, white powder, or melted grommets anywhere on the equipment or flue, there is a potential hazard waiting to happen.

Finally, as if the above isn’t enough, there are two things to always avoid:

  • Never install any venting fan above a drafthood!
  • Never use a horizontal drafthood fabricated by a sheet metal company!

NCI is the only training organization that addresses the above with real world experience. We believe it is our responsibility to keep customers safe!

And then they will live happily ever after!!!