How ComfortMaxx Cloud Software Translates Technical Data

For ComfortMaxx to generate a report, you must gather and input the correct data, or the software can’t translate correctly. Incorrect information equals confusing or inaccurate translations.

Once you enter your static pressure, airflow, and temperature measurements, ComfortMaxx compares these measurements to manufacturer specifications and NCI static pressure budgets. Your customer can see how their system ranks compared to where it should perform.

The areas that need the most work show up in “danger” areas on the report as colored graphs and charts.

Now the fun begins. Hand your customer the ComfortMaxx report (print or digital) and ask if they see anything that looks concerning. Let your customer identify the problems while you remain silent.

This is where the magic happens. They will see the red on the graphs and charts and tell you, “It looks like I have a problem here.” That’s your cue to ask them, “What should we do?” and let them do the rest. They will connect the dots on why a particular room is uncomfortable or they’ve had ongoing equipment problems.

Remember, your customers need information that relates to something they already understand to make a connection. ComfortMaxx makes that connection. Without the connection, you are stuck trying to convince on price alone. Results are easy to understand and make “pain” visible, relatable, and memorable.

Next Steps

You might wonder what you should do next? Here are a few questions to consider as you get started.

  • What do I need to have in place before I use ComfortMaxx™
  • Who will use ComfortMaxx and how will we apply it?
  • Does my team know how to take all the measurements?
  • Do we have and understand the test instruments necessary to measure static pressure and temperature?
  • Does my company have the right technology to use ComfortMaxx™
  • Can we explain the test results, as a physician would?

If you discover there are missing pieces, consider reading the PATH to Performance ( series in High-Performance HVAC Today.

This series offers a pattern to follow. Then use the ComfortMaxx software as your reporting and translation tool. It can provide a map to follow for diagnostics and resulting repairs needed to cure problems.

Sometimes we aren’t aware we have health issues and need help. Often, HVAC systems are the same way. Since the average HVAC system only operates at 57% of its laboratory-rated capacity, there are many sick HVAC systems.

They need your help to cure them so they can operate like they’re supposed to. Use ComfortMaxx as the tool to assist you as a thermal therapist.