HVAC System Vital Signs and Reporting

You can follow a similar approach to HVAC system testing, diagnostics, and repairs. However, you need the right test results and tools. Consider this; in the High-Performance HVAC Industry, we follow the same measurement principles as physicians. Unfortunately, we don’t consider ourselves on the same level.

If you think about it, High-Performance HVAC contractors are thermal therapists. We find the source of comfort problems and prescribe solutions from test results. The routine physical is a maintenance call. Emergency service calls are like when you’re sick. You know something is wrong and you need a cure.

The measurements you use to reveal those hidden conditions affecting customers? HVAC system’s health are static pressure, airflow, and temperature. These are HVAC system vital signs. They serve the same role as blood pressure, weight, and temperature for a physician.

Lost in Translation

Your measurements alone are confusing and don’t tie to anything your customers understand. We often forget this because we use the language each day. Consider how you would respond if your physician talked with you using the following statements.

“Your elevated systolic and diastolic pressure readings show you’re at stage three hypertension. There is also the possibility of atherosclerosis. Your BMI (Body Mass Index) of 30 is also a major contributor to your condition. What would you like to do?”

What non-medical person would understand what that means? How can you make an educated decision from all the technical jargon?

Because of the cloud, ComfortMaxx can share system info with the tech, the client, and the office simultaneously
ComfortMaxx cloud-based software is the HVAC Industry’s “translation tool to help customers understand the “blood pressure” of their comfort system.

Why couldn’t the physician tell you your problems are high blood pressure, hardening of the arteries, and needing to lose some weight? Then they could show you medical references that back up what they told you. Seems like common sense, right?

Unfortunately, In the HVAC Industry, we do this to our poor unsuspecting customers. They have no clue what we’re saying. Then we ask them if they understood what we said, and they answer yes because they don’t want to look foolish.

The customer will fall back on the one thing they understand when deciding: Price. They decide based on the lowest price, and we wonder why. If your customers don’t know what you’re saying about their system, they can’t make an educated decision.

How ComfortMaxx Cloud-Based Software Ties In

ComfortMaxx cloud-based software is an HVAC System translation tool. It interprets the three HVAC system vital signs you consistently gather on maintenance or service calls. It’s the missing link for translating technical measurements to simplified visuals. Think of ComfortMaxx as the three-dimensional heart model your physician uses to show you its inner workings.

You gather the measurements, and the software creates a translation report for the customer.

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