Step Onto the Road To Implementation

Steady progression is the key to implementation. Commit to doing something every week that moves you further along the path. Baby steps are better than procrastination. The worst thing you can do is lie to yourself by saying when you have time you’ll get started. If you’re a typical HVAC contractor, I can almost guarantee you that you’ll never have that ‘spare’ time.

Implementation goes beyond just technical training, though that is the fulcrum on which performance balances.

Implementation is the biggest challenge to making your company performance-based. Over the years we’ve refined 20 key steps to implementing High-Performance.

Each step will help you move along the path towards integrating measuring and testing into your company’s processes and culture.

Here’s a brief overview of the 20-step process:

Step 1. Determine your High-Performance products and services. Define the products and services you will offer to improve the safety, health, comfort, and efficiency of your customer’s
HVAC systems.

Step 2. Choose a champion. Determine who will lead and keep everyone focused on achieving your High-Performance HVAC goals.

Step 3. Establish processes and roles. Adjust your existing processes and procedures to include High-Performance principles.

Step 4. Measure and reward team performance. This will help support a consistent testing culture leading to high-performance solutions. Recognize and reward your performers.

Step 5. Get your entire team on board. Explain ‘why’ a High-Performance culture is much better than the ‘status quo.’

Step 6. Define mandatory measurements. Clearly define which measurements are not optional on every service call, maintenance call, sales call, and installation.

Step 7. Purchase proper test instruments. Identify the best test instruments for getting the job done that fit your budget.

Step 8. Select collateral materials. Review NCI’s document library and select the pieces that support your high-performance initiative.

Step 9. Update your information systems. Modify existing paperwork or software to record HVAC system vital signs and High-Performance recommendations.

Step 10. Develop a High-Performance skillset. Build your team’s confidence in their high-performance testing and communication skills with consistent training.

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