Make it Fun!

As you roll out each new phase of your culture change, be sure to create an air of excitement and fanfare.

Warning: Unless you’re prepared to deal with some major resistance, do not make a big announcement about how ‘everything is going to change around here starting immediately.’

You’re much better off introducing the High-Performance concepts one at a time. Then when everyone is on the same page, they will feel like they’re part of creating the ‘new approach,’ and you’ll encounter much less resistance along the way.

We’re Here For You!

NCI is committed to working with contractors willing to invest in implementing High-Performance in their companies. We do this through ongoing training with nearly 150 training events each year across North America, and with our contractor membership organization.

One of the most valuable bene’ts of NCI membership is unlimited phone support. Members can call our toll-free number and talk to our knowledgeable staff any time, Monday through Friday, 8 AM to 5 PM Eastern Time. Support calls range from answering technical questions to helping with sales and marketing issues, to implementation.

Should you decide to join the growing ranks of Performance-Based Contractors, NCI is here to support you. Together we can build a new and better HVAC industry. We’re ready for you if you’re up to the challenge.

Every day NCI works hard to improve and simplify the methods, forms, procedures, and training curriculum to help contractors become more successful, and distinguish themselves from their competition.

You have my pledge as NCI chairman and CEO that our primary focus will always be on helping contractors and improving our industry. It’s why our organization was created.

We will always strive to maintain the highest standards, morals, and ethics among our employees, customers, and members.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this guide to High-Performance Contracting, and we look forward to working with your organization should you decide to join us in Leading the Comfort Revolution.

And remember, ‘If You Don’t Measure, You’re Just Guessing!?!

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