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The December 2018 Tech Tip download highlights how to use Fieldpiece SPD2 Dual In-Duct Psychrometer to measure and monitor equipment temperature, as well as capture enthalpy change while adding refrigerant.

The data sheet explains how to navigate the SPD2 screens and provides illustrations and photos to provide technicians at-a-glance instructions for use in the field.

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National Comfort Institute, Inc. Online UniversityFeatured this month is another module of the National Comfort Institute’s System Performance Testing Series: Using An Air Balancing Hood. This device is one of the most important tools for maximizing your customers’ comfort and energy efficiency. This online course focuses on how to use the air balancing hood correctly to get meaningful results from system balancing.

You will find out how to do a balancing report, what to do when the grille or register is out of reach, how to create a grille correction factor, and so much more.





This blog is part of NCI’s Legacy Series, in memory of those who came before us. Nita Brooks, who passed away in 2016, wrote about the importance of creating and maintaining a peer network to help you succeed in your career and your life.

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Rob Falke, President, National Comfort Institute (NCI)HOW TO PLOT FAN AIRFLOW

The most important diagnostic truth about a system is that you can determine how much air the system fan moves. In this blog post, Rob Falke examines how fan airflow can be plotted in less than five minutes to open the door to a new level of diagnostics and troubleshooting.

He provides five quick steps that explain what to do, how, and why.

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There’s an APP for That …

This month we feature the Carrier Enterprise-HVAC Contractor Assist which allows you to log into your online Carrier Enterprise account and check pricing, orders, and add to your cart.

You can see real-time availablility for your preferred branch as well as other nearby branches. You can even search and find AHRI matched systems with real-time inventory and system pricing.

Other screens include:

  • Equipment parts list
  • Document search
  • Warranty tools
  • Pressure-Temperature calculator
  • Sales center information.

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