He says this tool enables his tech to avoid the need for brazing and everything that goes with it.

“Now with Zoomlock, anybody can do it, and it’s fire-free which simplifies installations.

“We also try to take advantage of all the built-in diagnostics and monitoring that manufacturers build into their equipment. All a tech needs to know is what the codes mean, which makes them more productive.

“So we are investing in diagnostic equipment and tools that will make the technician’s life in the field easier.”

The DiFilippo Training Center
DiFilippo’s in-house training room to help keep technicians sharp and current as they deliver high-performance HVAC service

They’ve also invested in a product from Emerson called the Sensi Predict monitoring system.

According to Vince, this modernizes his maintenance agreements while adding more productivity in service by streamlining processes.

“Sensi has 10 sensors that monitor the HVAC system 24 hours/day, seven days/ week. If there’s a problem, it sends us an alert,” DiFilippo says.

“This helps us to reduce our maintenance agreement visits from two times per year to one because we’re continuously monitoring our customer’s entire HVAC system.

“What this does is help us operate with less manpower and yet do more tune-ups.

For Difilippo’s Service, every new system we install gets a Sensi Predict.

An Eye to the Future

Like everyone in the HVAC Industry, manpower is key to continued growth. Vince sees taking a proactive and creative approach to working through workforce and supply chain issues as key to his company’s future success. From salvaging and recycling parts from furnaces to adding inventory to help customers with emergency needs, the DiFilippo team is looking for a way to serve their customers better.

As Vince tells it, “That is the DiFilippo Way. Not the Industry way. And we will never waver from that.”

For these and other reasons, High-Performance HVAC Today has selected DiFilippo’s Service of Paoli, PA, as this month’s Contractor Spotlight. Congrats to the entire team.