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Combustion Equipment Caution Alert Tags

Combustion red tags are a huge statement when dealing with unsafe gas-fired equipment. But what do you do when you’ve modified a piece of equipment to operate safely and efficiently? What do you leave behind to let any other service provider know not to tamper with the system?

NCI Yellow Tags let other contractors know not to adjust equipment
NCI Yellow Tags

You can leave behind an NCI (National Comfort Institute) yellow tag. These yellow three-part tags are just like the NCI red tags. You place one part on the unit, give another to the customer, and the last is for the shop records.

The tags have spots for recording the date and time of the repair, customer and technician signatures, and a place for your company label or stamp. Each tag has a wire to help attach it to the equipment repaired. You use the yellow tag after you modify the system and deem it to be safe.

These yellow tags serve several purposes. One, it’s your stamp of approval. Two, it allows the customer to have peace of mind. The third is the most important. It warns others who may come after you not to make life-threatening adjustments to the equipment you’ve already adjusted and deemed safe.

We all know and agree that only a trained professional should adjust a gas-fired system. Most of the industry looks at themselves as trained professionals. Unfortunately, we know that’s not always the case.

Oh, and there is one more thing: only NCI Carbon Monoxide-certified contractors can buy these yellow tags.

So, make your mark, give the customer peace of mind, and prevent twinkle fingers from adjusting your perfectly operating equipment.

For more information, visit ncilink.com/YellowTag or reach out to your customer care representative at 800/633-7058.

— Casey Contreras, NCI Field Coach, and Trainer