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FieldPiece JL3KH6 Wireless Charge and Air Test kit

For our November 2019 product review, when it comes to refrigerant-side performance, the JL3KH6 Wireless Charge and Air Test Kit is where it’s at. It helps to reduce refrigerant contamination and displays enthalpy change, so you know if adding charge is the proper course of action.

The kit needs to be on the cover of Time magazine. Not for its Bluetooth capability or its simple and easy setup procedures. Not for the small instrument profiles or durability. Not even because of its magnetized flexible single wand psychrometers. It should be on the Time cover because of the latest software update.

This has made it easier for technicians to data log a system. Space temperatures, register and grill temperatures, and the refrigerant circuit can all be recorded. In data logging mode, you can set up time frames for days, hours, and minutes. The best part about the JL3KH6 is its very reasonable price point.

In true Fieldpiece fashion, this kit is built for rugged use. It can survive being dropped and will still provide the tech with an operational and accurate measurement.

One more thing: you can put the calculators down. The app performs all the necessary calculations. All instruments can switch from high and low-side measurements. It can take supply and return temperatures as well. This makes it very easy to distinguish where each instrument is located.

Fieldpiece has thought of everything. The refrigerant line temperature clamps run a continuity test. This assures it will display the correct line temperatures and provide accurate measurements. It also includes a compact carrying case for all six instruments.

For more information on this November 2019 product or if you’re interested in buying it, go to ncilink.com/FP-JL3KH6.

? by Casey Contreras, National Comfort Institute Field Coach & Instructor

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