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This month’s download is a procedure for Measuring Coil Pressure Drop using a Fieldpiece SDMN5 Dual Port Manometer. The procedure includes a checklist for setting up this instrument and an eight-step checklist for how to measure coil pressure drop.

Using this procedure helps technicians to determine if coils are undersized or dirty so they can then take the next steps to assure proper system operation.

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Featured this month is the System BTU Measurement Basics module of our System Performance Testing Series. This class explains why accurate temperature measurement is one of the essential skills you’ll need to effectively test HVAC systems using NCI’s HeatMaxx’ and CoolMaxx?.

By adding system temperature measurements to your service routine, you can discover things like duct leakage, poor insulation, and other problems that cause HVAC systems to operate at an average of less than 60% of their capability.

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Rob Falke, President, National Comfort Institute (NCI)Why System Performance Measurement Works

Rob Falke explains how high-performance HVAC can work for you and your customers. He says, ‘All the government and utility programs want is for HVAC contractors to capitalize on what they’ve tried to offer the public for decades. They’ve created the demand, that’s their job. Yours is to deliver to your customers what they have wanted and are willing to pay for all along.’

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Managing Your Most Valuable Asset

Time is so valuable because it’s perishable ‘it has an expiration date. What you don’t invest, you spend, you burn up, or you waste.

David Holt shares six tips on how to best manage time and benefit your business and your life.

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There’s An App for That …

This month‘ our featured app is from National Refrigerants. It is a comprehensive Pressure/Temperature calculation tool with several features designed to make the HVACR technician’s job easier.

It calculates a simple pressure/temperature relationship or superheat/subcool temperatures. Techs input pressure or temperature(s) on any screen and the other values are automatically calculated and displayed.

For refrigerant blends, both saturated vapor and saturated liquid values are displayed. Within the superheat/subcool screen, a graphic display for blends shows entering, mid-point, and outlet temperature.

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