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The February 2019 download‘is how to Navigate the Fieldpiece SMAN 460 Four-Port Manifold. Notably this is for use by field technicians who need to measure refrigerant in a residential system.

For this reason, this one-page data sheet explains how the instrument functions and how to properly set it up. It defines the abbreviations used on the device as well as defines the functionality of every button and control.

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National Comfort Institute, Inc. Online UniversityFeatured this month is the first module in our Customer Service Training Series: Active Listening. In this module, you will learn the importance of communication in the office as well as in the field. It should help you develop the skills necessary to meet and exceed customer expectations.

You’ll learn the importance of your mindset and body language, building customer relationships, and identifying typical listening problems. Then you’ll learn how to overcome them.

Everyone in your company should take this course, not just the office co-workers. When finished, your people will be able to identify effective methods of communicating. This leads to building better relationships based on listening skills, and more.

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Most questionable readings start with overlooking and/or ignoring static pressure measurement basics. For this reason, in this blog post, David Richardson revisits four common mistakes made by some of the best HVAC Industry contractors. He then discusses what to do to avoid making them yourself.

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Rob Falke, President, National Comfort Institute (NCI)AIR BALANCING AND ENERGY SAVINGS

Meanwhile, Rob Falke examines how air balancing reports are now placing manufacturer specifications and measured field data side-by-side to prove how efficient an installed system is operating.

He then discusses why this is important and what it means to Performance-Based Contractors.

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There’s an APP for That …

The February focus is on Goodman’s CoolCloud HVAC App. This mobile app enables HVAC contractors to connect and communicate wirelessly via BlueTooth with both Goodman and Amana premium air handler and furnace control boards.

It’s important to realize that this provides a more efficient means for servicing and maintaining equipment. This enables them to make configuration adjustments and gain equipment status. It also performs diagnostics where you can view fault code history. Ultimately the app simplifies the technician’s ability to ensure energy-efficiency and reliable performance.

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