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Last month our download was about Post-Purge Thermostat Delays with ICM timers. This month we focus on Post-Purge Thermostat Delays using the Mars timer.

These delays are recommended by NCI as upgrades to all induced draft and condensing equipment. This is for both one and two-stage delays.

This download includes two data sheets that illustrate the circuits and applications.

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Static Pressure Tips in Six Easy Steps

Rob Falke, President, National Comfort Institute (NCI)

Rob Falke

Rob Falke likes to explain static pressure in terms that equate it to blood pressure in humans. In this blog post he explains how statics help you see the HVAC system in a new light, helps you find problems you otherwise wouldn’t know were there, and then explain it to consumers in terms they understand.

He boils this down to six steps to make it easier for you to implement.

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HVAC Industry at a Crossroads: Step up or Be Stepped On!

Dominick Guarino, CEO, National Comfort Institute, Inc.

Dominick Guarino

The HVAC Industry is at a crossroads and Dominick Guarino says we’ve had more than enough time to step up and deliver proven, measured performance. Is time running out on us?

Dominick explains in this blog post.

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Online University Resources

National Comfort Institute, Inc. Online University Resources

Featured this month is the Introduction to System Performance module of the NCI Online University Advanced Technical Training. This training is based on the NCI mantra that if you’re not measuring, you’re just guessing. This module ntroduces you to the basic principles, terms, and concepts of system performance.

This is the starting point for several key goals that include knowing what measurements to take and how to take them, recognizing what test numbers to record, diagnosing based on the results, and more.

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There’s An App For That …

How many HVAC-based mobile apps are out there? How many of them are legitimate? That is anyone’s guess. But NCI’s David Richardson makes it his business to find those that make the most sense for Performance-Based Contractors?.

This month, his pick is the HVAC Check & Charge’ mobile app from Emerson Climate Technologies. This app provides an on-site refrigerant charge calculator for air conditioning applications. Based on historic sliding cardboard charge calculators, contractors can easily calculate correct system refrigerant charge for R-22 or R-410A.

Simply choose Subcooling, Superheat, or Airflow and enter the specified system temperatures along with the latent and sensible environmental loads. These values are used to determine he proper system charge.

This free Emerson app is available on both the Apple and Google app stores.