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This month’s download is a methodology for testing any vented combustion equipment to help diagnose the presence of combustion air problems, or undersized or restricted flues.

You can use it for a single piece of equipment, or for multiple units that are common vented. This data sheet highlights the best instrument to use to measure combustion air and provides five-step procedures for single and multiple units.

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National Comfort Institute, Inc. Online UniversityFeatured this month is the last module of the System Performance Testing Series. It focuses on Duct Traverse Basics.

A duct traverse is a method for accurately determining system airflow when you can’t use a balancing hood.

In this module you will learn to apply the basic traverse formula for both round and rectangular ducts. You’ll also be taught how to recognize the best and alternative locations to perform the traverse, and understand when it is NOT’ appropriate to perform a duct traverse.

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Rob Falke, President, National Comfort Institute (NCI)COMMERCIAL STATIC PRESSURE TEST METHODS

Static pressure measurement on commercial HVAC systems can vary significantly from one type of equipment to another. In this blog post, Rob Falke shares NCI’s testing process for packaged equipment, including measuring TESP, plotting fan airflow and internal equipment pressure drops, and so much more.

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In another of our Legacy Series Blog Posts, we share one of the last columns by Nita Brooks who wrote about creating a company culture of innovation where essentially the entire team works together to resolve problems.

Nita talks about how it is the people who drive problem-solving success and shares insight on what it takes for this culture to happen.

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There’s an APP for That …

The Munters PsychroApp’ is our January Featured App. It provides a quick and easy psychrometric calculation mobile tool that makes accurate calculations of the thermodynamic properties of moist air easy.

Calculate the total, sensible, latent, and moisture loads of any process more accurately than using psychrometric charts. The PsychroApp’ provides calculations such as dew point, grams per kg, and grains per pound. Simply enter the temperature and relative humidity and Munters PsychroApp’ will output the corresponding dew point or grams per kg/grains per pound, giving you the insight you need for your job.

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