At this year’s NCI Summit, Daikin Comfort Technologies North America, Inc. (Daikin) is turning HVAC on its side by showcasing the Daikin FIT side discharge condensing units for ducted applications. Daikin FIT is available as a heat pump as well as its unique offering with gas heat and dual fuel furnace connectivity.

Daikin returns as a premiere partner during NCI's 2024 Summit in Asheville.

The Daikin FIT whole house inverter systems meld the best features and performance of ductless style side discharge systems with the ability to connect to traditional ducted systems.

This brings your homeowner customers the advantages of Daikin technology, including high-performing inverter compressors with cabinet designs that are smaller, lighter, and quieter than traditional unitary outdoor units.

The performance of Daikin’s inverter compressor — compared to traditional unitary compressors — requires less condenser coil surface area. That, in turn, allows for much smaller cabinet sizes with a side discharge fan design — eliminating the need for typical large, wrap-around style condenser coils.

In a market saturated with expensive high-tiered inverters, the system provides a premium mid-efficiency inverter at an affordable rate.

A compact, space-saving solution for homes with limited installation options, the new inverter-driven, variable-speed, communicating Daikin FIT is up to 53% lighter and 40% smaller than a traditional cube-style unit – requiring just 4 inches of clearance.

Also, High-Performance HVAC™ Contractors will love the connectivity offered by the Daikin ONE smart thermostats that continually monitor and control all components of the Daikin FIT system to operate at peak performance.

See the Daikin FIT inverter compressor and Daikin One smart thermostat at National Comfort Institute’s High-Performance HVAC™ Summit in Asheville, NC this September 10-13.